APOLLO Insurance Partnerships

Gain business momentum with an APOLLO Partnership. We’re making insurance effortless for affinity groups, communities, and associations across Canada.

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Why Partner with APOLLO?

A leading digital insurance provider

As Canada’s leading InsurTech, APOLLO is making insurance effortless for individuals and small businesses across the country by delivering a people-first insurance experience through time-saving technology.

An effortless insurance experience

A partnership with APOLLO means quick and easy access to comprehensive insurance coverage for your affinity group, network, community, or association. Our proprietary technology provides an entirely digital buying experience, allowing individuals and small businesses to buy online without human intervention.

Access to real-time data and exclusive policies

Our online application and instant digital delivery of insurance policy documents provides you with insight into who is covered within your community or affinity group, and who is not.

A partnership with APOLLO also means that you’ll be able to offer your members, clients, or tenants access to the best rates for their insurance coverage.

Who Can Partner with APOLLO?

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Property Management

De-risk your income property and help your tenants settle in with simple, affordable insurance options they’ll understand and adhere to.

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University Housing

Offering a digital-first experience empowers students to protect their housing and its contents with familiarity and ease. It’s Insurance 101.

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Small Business Apps

Offer value-added benefits to professionals within your small business network or affinity group, ensuring both the members and their clients acquire insurance with more ease and less risk.

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Aggregator Websites

From getting a mortgage to insuring a home, help your clients take advantage of a one-stop shop with all of their financial and insurance needs housed in one convenient place.

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Insurance Brokerages

Simple. Streamlined. Supported digitally. Join the 75-plus brokerage websites offering their clients an easier way to do business.

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Personal Lines Apps

Enable network-connected professionals to buy affinity insurance and give their customers the added value that comes along with these fast, affordable options.

APOLLO x Yardi Systems

APOLLO and Yardi have partnered to offer renters embedded digital insurance.

Together, APOLLO Insurance and Yardi Systems have partnered to offer an insurance interface embedded into Yardi’s software to allow tenants and landlords an effortless digital insurance experience.

As the top provider of high-performance software solutions for the real estate industry, this partnership with APOLLO allows Yardi to offer users a seamless, integrated digital insurance interface. Embedded directly into Yardi Voyager property management software platform, APOLLO is among over 300 Yardi collaborators that service the real estate industry by providing an effortless insurance buying experience for tenants.

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Gain business momentum with an APOLLO Partnership

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